Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!


I’m still so excited about meeting up with my idol and mentor Richard Bandler at his 3 day conference in London recently and I now proudly hold the title of master practitioner of Hypnosis and NLP – which if you don’t know what that is stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming


I was just so blown away by the many techniques which i was able to employ and I am proud to say that I am able to now put somebody in a full trance in less than 10 seconds – a personal record!


I also got to meet up with another idol of mine Paul McKenna who actually started off as a stage hypnotist but of course has now gone on to bigger and better things and is all over the news and is very successful Рit does not seeem to have hgone to his head, however as he still seems to be very grounded and well, normal


Moving to London


London was great and I am glad because I have finally found somewhere to move to in London. Having spent what seems like an eternity looking for property, getting messed around by sellers and estate agents and dealing with the crazy, mind messing place that is the London housing market I finally found the house of my dreams and touch wood everything is on track to move in next month


Luckily, I was able to find some really good independent mortgage advisers who took care of everything – I don’t think I have ever had to provide so many documents before in my life!



My Next plans


I’m hoping to get on the TV of course, I’m looking to speak to some cable channels soon so wish me luck; obviously the major goal is one of the ‘big’ TV shows but who knows – I might even give X factor a go, why not!